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You have limited rights to personally view the images with your web browser and to use them as your personal computer wallpaper (or background image) on your own computer. These photos may not otherwise be reproduced, distributed, cropped, resized, or otherwise altered without the written permission of the photographer. No commercial use of these photos may be made in any way. All rights are reserved. You may not use these photos on any web page, commercial or non-commercial, for profit or non-profit, without written permission from the photographer.
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We adhere to the 'Code of Practice' by published by
'The Nature Group of The Royal Photographic Society'.
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We do not own a private car and use public transport.
The places where the photos were taken were reached by public transport. 
If air travel was used, the CO2 emissions were compensated accordingly.

- Canon Ixus v2*
- Canon Ixus 80 IS*
- Canon G16- Lumix DMC-TZ7*
- Olympus E-500*
- Olympus E-3 (+HLD-4, VA-1)*
- Olympus OM-D (+HLD-9)
- Olympus OM-1 / OM-40

* out of use

- Olympus (Vintage OM)
- Olympus 4/3 digital
- Sigma
- Panasonic 4/3

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